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*Featured* Q: Why are taxes included in all prices? Is that normal?

We want to be able to charge flat prices across all applications—both online and in person at events. Nobody likes dealing with spare change, especially when you'd be toting it around in your pockets all day. It's completely normal and legal, so long as you know that's what we're doing.


Q: Why does a brand with partying as its focus back sexual assault awareness and prevention?

For that exact reason—it's so unheard of that its motives are questioned, which further allows us to spread our message. We are a brand that indeed makes gear tailored to those who typically party; specifically college students. The college demographic is volatile and can, at times, generate dangerous situations. This is where we come in. We promote the principles of Proper Partying etiquette, encouraging awareness, conscientiousness, smart choices, and safe partying practices. In short, we boast a brand that carries a message to be aware when you or someone else is in a potentially dangerous environment and know how to act. Sexual assault in college settings—especially where alcohol is involved—can very well be prevented, which is our sole reason for existing.


Q: How did Firewater Apparel become a partner with NO MORE?

When we launched our initial Teal Tee campaign to support survivors of Larry Nassar back in March '18, a NO MORE executive reached out to me and expressed their interest in helping spread the word of what we were doing. Since then, we've become an official sponsor and donate 5% of every single sale to their mission. In the good heart of all sexual assault survivors, our Teal Tees, available from now until forever, generate a $10 donation toward their mission of preventing sexual assault and domestic violence across the globe.


Q: How did firewater apparel become a thing in the first place?

It all started with a 21st birthday and a bar crawl shirt idea gone right.


Q: What kind of operation is this?

Firewater Apparel Co.® is a registered DBA and federally trademarked trade name operating in East Lansing, MI. All of what we sell is either printed in-house, finished locally, or both. That being said, we'll never make or sell anything that isn't of high quality. Always look for our seal on your packages to ensure that you're getting an authentic product.


Q: What's the deal with shipping?

We only offer shipping for products, even if you live in the same city as us. This is largely for convenience and we will certainly offer in-store pickup in the future.


Q: How long will it take to get my goods?

We typically ship out orders within 1-3 business days or same-day (if we’re really making moves). If, for whatever reason, your order is going to get caught up somewhere in the process, we will reach out to you promptly and accommodate accordingly.


Q: Does firewater offer any sort of employment?

Currently, our only offered opportunity is The Firestarter Program—our take on spreading an important message to college campuses through the Firewater brand.


Q: How can I contact Firewater directly?

Send us an email directly at or fill out the contact form below! It goes right to our inbox just like an email would.


For any questions, comments, inquiries, or anything else that we might be able to help you with, please feel free to contact us through this form. We're notified instantly, so don't go thinking that you didn't get through to an actual human.

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