The Firestarter Program is our take on bringing both a brand and a movement to college campuses in one swift motion. Think of a "campus representative" or "brand ambassador", and then forget everything you were thinking because this isn't that.

We're not going to coax you into doing anything you don't want to do or tell you to get out there and awkwardly yell at people to buy things. And no—this isn't one of those business schemes where you "have as much potential as you put in" or anything like "multi-leveled marketing". You write your own story in our book. You create your own exposure on media. You fuel your own fire (see what we did there?). Along the way, you'll have opportunities to get your own Firewater gear, your own personal discount, participate in challenges with and against other schools' Firestarters, and collaborate with them in an exclusive environment. You, as an Official Firestarter, will only achieve what you decide to. The world is your oyster.

Your only responsibilities will be: to act entirely in passion for bringing quality gear with a worthwhile mission to your campus, driving change in the party scene by embodying Proper Partying practices, and being a vigilant amongst your peers. You'll be like Batman (or Batwoman), except more law-abiding and less dramatic.


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Firewater Apparel Co. is recognized as an official sponsor of NO MORE—a multi-national non-profit organization aimed at ending domestic violence and sexual abuse. What makes you want to be involved with us in our support for their mission?
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